3 Simple Mindset Changes to Finally Overcome Anxiety as a Lawyer
(even if you've already tried everything)
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Hosted By: Ellen Schlesinger and Melanie Goela
Hi, we are Ellen and Melanie!

We are both psychotherapists in Canada, wellness coaches worldwide and former lawyers ourselves. We founded and run From Anxiety to Ease, a mental health clinic in Canada specializing in lawyer mental health. We are also the founders of the Liberated Lawyer, a 10 week coaching program that teaches lawyers how to "work easy" to find relief from anxiety and self doubt to create real and long lasting freedom. The result? They experience more calm and confidence in both their personal and professional lives! It works even if you barely have any extra time (or energy) as it provides a complete mindset shift in the way you’re currently thinking about anxiety.

It took a serious light bulb moment for us to realize that finding freedom from anxiety was about looking at anxiety from an entirely different angle. It then became way easier to achieve anxiety freedom in our lives and for our clients.

Next session January 2023 (date tbd)
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